Meeting People – Face to Face, Eye to Eye, Conversation to Conversation

Meeting People – Face to Face, Eye to Eye, Conversation to Conversation

I am, yes I am, on a mission, to meet everyone who signs my petition face to face, eye to eye and conversation to conversation. So far the reception has been uplifting and informative. Lets me make this clear, I am getting each signature personally myself with my money, hmmmm what money? twelve dollars,  a thermos of coffee, and a car that runs on fumes? Yes, I am. I am doing it, day by day, hour by hour meeting you all face to face.

Thanks All, God Bless, My prayers are with you all. I appreciate all the strong voices and viewpoints, opinions and the occasional rant. I hear you, I pay attention, I am listening, let me take that message you told me to Washington for Colorado, and for you and for your family. When you see me fight for your voice, your message, the one we are all articulating, then you will know you made the right choice. Frankly, the others won’t. All they will do is continue the broken cycle of rubber stamping the party line, honestly, do you want that?

RACE to June 15th – Last day to File Petitions (GOAL 40% over requirement)

June 6-14th RAIN however – Highlands Ranch Rec Center and Lib Weather Permitting

June 5th – Arapahoe County, Centennial Lib. A few hours at Rec centr off Broadway Highlands Ranch

June 4th – Ft. Collins

June 3rd – Arapahoe Library On Holly, 7-8 Highlands Ranch to listen to “Opie Gone Bad.”

June 2nd – Bloomfield

JUNE 1st –  Back to Highlands Ranch Recreation Center off Broadway

MAY 30th-May 31st Happy Memorial Weekend – Take Care Leave a Flag on the grave of a Veteran Please, Fly the Flag and Remember all of our fallen ones who fought for America.

May 29 Highlands Ranch Rec Center off Broadway

May 28 University of Denver High School Graduation Ceremonies

May 28 Lonetree Library at Lonetree off Lincoln and Lonetree Drive

May 25-26 LoneTree Lib, at Lonetree

Issues apparently are all the same, great people thanks for taking the time to chat.

May 19-24 Highlands Ranch Lib, near City Park at Town Center

I love this place. Although, the wind feels alot like Wyoming at this moment.

May 17-18 – University of Denver, Denver Colorado Denver County

(Yet got signatures from people from 12 different counties – Met many from out of state, they are not out of mind, I really can say I enjoy the Youth and how they see things in a new light)

May 15-16 – Highlands Ranch Music & Arts Festival

What a nice time to spend with family, community, friends, children and great Music. Thanks, nice to see all the new ideas, food, vendors and creative people.


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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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