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First, a brief story to get us started……..

I taught a two week set of classes for two groups of Advance Placement High School students at TJ (Thomas Jefferson High School off I-25 and Quebec Denver Public Schools) , Civics was the course, Law and the Moot court of American Justice was the plan. My objective was to make an impact. First off, I went to the local second hand store (that major one who has the collecting on Xmas), anyway, a quick supply of 80 or so, men’s and women’s dress jackets and ties was soon to follow.

Yes, I insisted on everyone dressing up. Time to get real, and make the change. I was glad to see everyone participated, some students thanked me since they didn’t have anyone to show them how to tie an tie. The class was finished, everyone got to play prosecution, defense, victim, police and in the end I said guess what? The jackets and ties are yours, the four that was left unclaimed went to the Drama club. I know I made a difference and everyday teachers are making a difference in many ways all across America and Colorado.

SO, I know I live in Douglas county, in the State of Colorado, so let me ask you this, what the Heck is Governor Ritter doing? Cuts in School education should be the last of his worries. My biggest issue right now, this moment is our children’s future, education and school funding, outside of my dislike for any party, tea, democrat or republican.

MY Views on  :

SCHOOL FUNDING AND EDUCATION – Designing a better future for our Children

I want better education, school funding, a right (Yes right) for children to not to have to say, my biggest issue is I am losing my favorite teacher next year. This is a complicated issue. How do I see this being solved?

1. You can’t expect people to want to pay more taxes in this times. Or fired teachers also.

2. The people of a State can make choices and should have answers, such as, Using various funding sources which have been ear-marked for other non-essential things, for School Funding at what percentage the citizens think will work would solve the problem.

3. Better management of schools, working with the Unions, the Teachers, the particular communities and of course the schools in their entirety to balance their budgets. Team Effort, can and has reduced costs. Its for the Kids. This is not McPublic School, Governor.

I HAVE LOTS MORE, will add more later , ok.

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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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