What am I about? I am About…(Front Four First…)

What am I about? I am About… (Just a quick four, Listen, I could rant, I am mad about the un-controlled spending, but heres a couple..)

1. Accountability , our government is out of control, I am about Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability. The out of control spending must stop. Enforcement of current laws. Why is the Two Party system Broken?

2. Building Consensus without a two party system. I am about working together. Neither party is solving anything. UNAFFILIATED is the answer.

3. Bringing “Real Jobs and Employment” into Colorado. I am about Security. Jobs, that matter, not pork belly ear marked special interest driven spending for some subsidized program. Energy is our future, Solar, Wind, Renewable and Clean Fossil Fuels.

4.  Fighting for what I believe is right, for our children’s future. I am About,  of of these and much much more. Education and school funding. 

THE HUGE LIST, —> Education, School Funding,  responsible government, smaller government, kicking alot of people out of office ( I AM NOT A POLITICIAN and Never have I been one.)

Making a real difference, WITH YOUR HELP! Vote for an UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate.


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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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