Supreme Court Gun-Rights Ruling Likely To Face Legal Challenges Across The Country


I am glad the high court addressed this issue. Sure, like many of our rights there are limitations. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater and cause someone to fight, “fighting words”, or have the ability to own certain guns, I think that was one of the only rulings this court address after the gang-land gangster era of the late 1920s.

Certain spaces, and places, anyway, overall, its about time. It used to bother me, seeing tight skin hardly clad women in workout outfits in the store packing a side arm, in Arizona..until, I watched on TV as a citizen was given the highest award for killing and holding at bay two gang bangers who just killed one of Phoenix finest during a routine traffic stop. He stopped across the street during a red light, the officer approached the car and was shot in the head point blank. This individual had his gun with him, he had no professional training just a regular guy. He ran out fired a shot killing the driver and was in a gun battle with the remaining people in the car, 911 was called,l cops came, the officer and shooter were dead.

This changed how I felt about one’s right to carry a weapon, I know, Arizona is strange and kinda still in the wild wild west, but if guns were gone the reality is only criminals and law enforcement would have them, not a pleasant thought.

Charley Miller

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