Unemployment Benefits Bill Fails In House, 261-155


RE: An Open Letter to All Senators of the United States

Your Honorable Senator;

You bailed out the financial institutions, you bailed out the auto industry, you bailed out the trillion dollar insurance industry, you continue to bail out two “not wanted” military occupations in foreign lands, all because you state, “they are to big to fail.”

Now you won’t even bail out the American people who have supported and paid for all of these bailouts. You have turned your backs on those who have suffered the most, those who are about to or have already lost their homes, livelihoods, and most of all, those who have children to feed, with nowhere to turn. Instead of the American dream, you have created the American nightmare.

The American people have lost faith in what appears to be a broken two-party system. I urge you to immediately restore that faith, take a stand, and bring forth a correct measure to extend benefits to the unemployed and end these wars, the promise you promised to do. Show the American people that you can remove yourselves from the politics, do this now! I urge you and pray you will pay attention and listen. God bless America and God bless you.


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