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Tell 10 Friends about me, pass this on and we will win! We need an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator for Colorado and for America! Thank you.

I can list a litany of failures, mistakes, troubles – both personal and financial, I have suffered and endured;

I have like a lot of you found myself without a job, with a family to feed, telephone calls from bill collectors and worrying about how I was going to feed my children, myself, my wife and keep a roof over our head, seeing my friends and ones I know perish whether it was from the hardest of the times, drugs, family despair or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, suffering tragic losses of love ones and friends in a wide variety of circumstances all of which are simply “downers”, but examples of life, living long.

I can just as much, share the other times;

Of glory, triumph, success, love and happiness, such as seeing the birth of your first child, getting that promotion, falling in love, being with family friends, seeing your favorite team finally win, knowing security, safety and a future for yourself and children is possible, having a zero national debt and balance budget, having a wage, not worrying and all those things which we all cherish.

I do know this,

I stand for this, what I am doing, I have a few bucks in my pocket (I am funding this all myself), I have Courage and Heart,

I want you with me, I need your help, I know its hard to turn and put your vote, time, dedication into a new direction but you have too.

A vote for a party candidate is just that the continuation of a system that isn’t working. I am the alternative, like many other have done and will do that I know will change what is broken and lead us into the direction which will replace, yes replace, what I believe in my heart is a disappointing system of politics, reeking of special interest, bordering on what can be self interest, greed and plainly turning their backs on the common American is demanding. We need an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator for Colorado and for America!

I hear you, I am paying attention and I am listening, ask yourself, are they?


The administration can’t only be about two party politics, its not about “Change.”

It must be about the people of America, no matter where they are, who they are and what they – it must be about what we can do together. It is about reclaiming the meaning of citizenship, restoring our sense of common purpose, and realizing that no true obstacles can withstand the power of millions of voices announcing their common needs, wishes and desires.

Lets me clear, these are NOT the self-centered selfish needs, wishes, desires and the negative mantra of the media today, these are rather the calls of Justice, the Values that were established when out fore fathers hailed their message in the “Declaration of Independence, ” We are that people. Are they listening, don’t they hear us Crying out?

I have worked all my life, through difficulties, rejection, discrimination, failure and hardships sometimes I can not phantom, but what I truly believe is our need to rebuild trust in government, politics and how things have gone totally astray, For example;

During the Iran Hostage Conflict, I struggled with my prior feelings on Vietnam and joined the service, to fight for America against what at the time seemed like a radical fundamentalist religious mass, hell bent on destroying all Christians, Jews, and most of all Americans. I am sorry to say that 30 years later we face that same crisis.

I have fought to make things right as the final days of the Savings and Loan crisis came to an end, and again 20 years later we are at that same crisis in our current financial systems.

Now, I recognize the real threat of environmental destruction, whether real, apparent or man made is the crisis of our children s future. As a Leed AP (U.S. Green Building Council) and one involved in sustainability, I know, believe and realize we are and can design a better future for our children, without sacrificing our environment, our health and our future.

Let me take a moment to share a story with you. I hope it may answer (If you read between the lines) a few questions you may have about me.

When I was very young, nine or ten, I was working in the strawberry fields picking with all the other neighborhood kids for $.50-$.75 a flat. We were mostly poor, white, black, Asian, a few Native Americans, some others I never knew everyone as race or ethnicity, just that we were all kids who wanted to work for that special bike we could buy after a grueling summer of 6am to 3:00 pm work in the fields.

Well, my point here is, one day, actually several, a flatbed truck would come rolling in, from several loud-speakers a man would be yelling, “Get out of the fields, you are like slaves, walk away, you can take a stand, you are slaves, walk away be treated with dignity..”

This was César Chávez, he was motivated to change the laws on child-labor, which he did, but all I cared about was working and getting that new bike. I didn’t want to leave, I wouldn’t, why was this man trying to get me to not work, for me I was proud I could work, plus what else would I do all summer? I never had a bike to be broken, I have one now.

In a nutshell, its all about your frame of reference and perception. Why are we here suffering, almost three years after the market crashed in November of 2008? The bike is broken, we need a new bike. Our children know this, as I did then and now, its hard work. We need an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator for Colorado and for America!

The answer is all about hard work, we have to bring forward all those strong American Values. Our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution that is the bedrock of our Republic, our Country, Our Nation and our fathers as they are today as they were yesterday and as they will be tomorrow, the truth and most of all embracing our founders strong protestant work ethic, but how?

How can I go there, when basically I am not better than someone who is unemployed? How can I even have any dreams when I see the despair, the economy and feel the anxiety of those who lost and are losing much much more than me? Its not hope, its not a belief, its not even faith in God, its has to be more more, its about my firm knowing that we can do this, yes, our history and our past has affirmed and confirmed that we will overcome, I know this to be the truth, and in law, I am not a lawyer, the Romans called this Veritas, the Truth. The truth that with god, country, community, family and spirit we get a new bike. We need an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator for Colorado and for America!

We are not a democratic nation, we are a Republic. I rather embrace “laissez-faire” than Fascism, capitalism and a free market but Socialism, no, don’t go there. I thank my native american citizenship and history. I love the depth of our culture and country.

You can ask why I am here and I will answer and I will not turn away. I strongly urge you to consider me as the proper and best candidate for this task, even though you may be taking a stand and have such disillusion with the current political climate, I feel you must help me help us, stand with me and lets move to Washington and get the job done. We can not support the two parties anymore, I hope you understand this, please take a moment to consider what I personally believe and am writing here as my truth and one I hope you share, I feel and know it is. Why continuing fixing a broken down bicycle?

To help just tell 10 friends about me, regardless of their party affiliation, ask them to tell 1 or two friends about me. Its simple the way to spread the word.

It will work, because we are all the same, MAD at the same problems, yes, fed up, frustrated and darn right MAD! Please take the time the dream and vision is here, now. We need an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator for Colorado and for America!

PLEASE send me an email or if you need to lets chat on Email: or
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A Vote for me is NOT! A vote that is wasted, or a vote for the other party or even a protest vote, its a vote to really change America, this nation and Colorado!

*NOTE* 2010 Election Year


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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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