My Mother’s SIde


My mother’s side of the family is Japanese. My Grandfather pictured on the right, was visiting my mother in 1956 at the birth of my oldest sister. He was visiting the United States because he was commissioned by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions and the National Christian Council of Japan to do historical research on the Protestant missions in Japan.

He was a professor of economic history and since he worked with the first Protestant missionaries (from a historical perspective) he and my mother were always Christians. He lived until 105 years of age. I always respected and listed to his deep wisdom.

My mother was a talented concert pianist who taught and graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Japan. My most notable memories of her was the hard work she did raising three children alone. Of course her stories of the war was rather horrific. I can understand now how it must have been for her and my father, getting married and basically being alienating from your families for that choice.

My mother played the church organ at First United Methodist where I attended as a child. She played the organ and sang in the choir until she passed.

The greatest lesson I learned from her was the drive to never give up, in spite of all obstacles. She told me many stories of her and her friend going to see Hiroshima right after the bomb. The black rain, pain and suffering. Of course, she understood that war was beyond people, how close to be on a side that suffers, as we did at Pearl Harbor. I guess her strong Christian values allowed her to forgive the destruction, pain and hate.

My values I take from her, I instead, understand how horrible war is, how war impacts each side, the people and the families. However, if we are to fight a War, we need to declare it, commit to it fully as we did in both the World Wars. Without a definite mission all of Americans can support, one begins to question what we are fighting for. It becomes unjust. These are values I am about, those taught to me by my family, by my country and church, and within my community.

We need an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator for Colorado and for America!


A Vote for me is NOT! A vote that is wasted, or a vote for the other party or even a protest vote, its a vote to really change America, this nation and Colorado!


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