We need a US Senator that listens to the people, not to a party.

We need a US Senator that will bring back power to Colorado.

We need a US Senator that is Unaffiliated, not a party hound.

We need a US Senator that will fight for Colorado and America.

We need a US Senator that is not an “Independent,” like Senator Lieberman or Senator Sanders, who stand for either a party or a “socialist” movement.

We need a US Senator that is truly, like most people in Colorado, a real “unaffiliated.”

Like the over one million other Unaffiliated voters in Colorado, one who is either walking or sitting on the fence, holding the line between conservative values and liberal ideas, such as looking beyond the two-party politics, thats what all of Colorado & American are really thinking about. You can’t buy it, no way, not now, not ever, vote Unaffiliated.

Frankly, its not about voting for someone willing to spend millions of dollars to buy Colorado’s US Senate seat. It also is not about wasting ones vote by diluting your party and allowing the worst of the two choices buy their way into that US Senate seat. No, when each you Democrat or Republican voters, like us Unaffiliated voters have a choice, an option, to vote for someone who listens, pays attention, thats when Colorado & America will change, and folks, the best answer is the right answer, whether you are democrat or republican vote for an unaffiliated this November, join us in making History now, we are there, now. Thats my number one issue, and you and I are the solution.

By being an “Unaffiliated” powerhouse in the US Senate, I can and will do what really matters, bring jobs, real jobs back to Colorado and go about setting our State and Nation straight. Showing American that we are more about people than money and political parties. But most of all listening to all the children who get it and who are asking us to open up to the 21st century, history is now, we are making history now, this moment!


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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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