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Dear Supporters!

This year the “Unaffiliated” in Colorado has the best opportunity to win the U.S. Senate’s race ever in Colorado or this Nation’s history. There are only two independent voices in the Senate today, Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders of Vermont, and we know how centrist those two are. With Charley Miller as your endorsed Senator for our state of Colorado, we will have a true centrist and an independent thinker matched up against extremes from the other major parties. We will make history both for our state, the nation and for the world.

Charley does not have millions to bankroll his campaign coffers, nor does he have a giant political attack machine to back his candidacy. He does, however, have the belief that Colorado can be great again. Charley refuses special interest money, and knows that working from the center to break any gridlock is the best approach for ALL. His pockets maybe empty, but his heart and soul is full. Listen, he will be on the ballot this November, right below those millionaires, with the (REP) and (DEM) beside their names, who are attempting to buy Colorado’s US Senate, join me in saying, “NEVER!”

Charley has agreed to abide by the federal spending limits for his campaign this year. In doing so, he is not eligible to receive approximately any federal funds at all, since our current two-party system penalizes the strictly independent “Unaffiliated” candidate, even though in Colorado we are over 1 million voters.

Instead, Charley envisions Colorado and America going back to the days of direct democracy, where grass-roots starts from a face to face, eye to eye and personal message.

Charley is raising money the way he learned how, practical and with fiscal responsibility. In fact, I called Charley so practical, when he reminded me, that his favorite football cheer was, “Get the QuarterBack!” Yes, Charley wants to raise money from a single quarter to contributions of $250 or less, before August 10th , the other guy’s primaries. He predicts a Norton-Bennet Slugfest for November.

I urge you to go to Charley Miller’s website today, now and make a contribution of any amount, maybe $50, $35 or even $25, or one Dollar, any will help. This may be the biggest act any of us can do this campaign year to elect a strictly and truly “Unaffiliated” for Colorado’s US Senate. Please make your donation on the online website at: or if you want to donate by a secure means Charley uses googlecheckout so its very safe, just contact me, I’m his campaign manager, Dee Holl at

I need is your email and amount you will be donating. If you prefer to send your contribution, please drop it in the mail today to: CharleyMiller2010, P. O. Box 630481, Littleton, CO 80163-0482.

Charley worked hard to put himself on the ballot, I know he got each and ever signature himself, and he didn’t pay someone from Nevada $100,000 to get 10,000 signatures. Because we stand in our integrity not to be influenced by special interests, we’ve never had the financial resources of the other major parties. Your contribution can greatly level the playing field for Charley Miller. With this public funding, our enthusiasm and a great US Senator, we can once again carry Colorado, our Nation forward into prosperity and history.

Dee Holl,

Campaign Manager, Charleymiller2010

Paid for by Charley Miller 2010, Charley Miller Approved, PO BOX 630482,Littleton, CO 80163-0482


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Please make checks payable to: “Charley Miller 2010” and send to:

Charley Miller 2010, PO BOX 630482, Littleton, CO 80163-0482

Contributions to Charley Miller 2010 are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. An individual may contribute up to $2,400 for the general election. Federal multicandidate PACs may contribute up to $5,000 for each election. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, federal-government contractors, and foreign nationals (nongreen-card holders) are prohibited. *Federal law requires Charley Miller 2010’s best efforts to obtain, maintain, and report the name, address, occupation, and employer of any individual who contributes more than $200 in an election cycle.


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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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