The Senate In Play … Barely

In Colorado, a message will be sent to the two parties, they are out-of-control.

Rule 22 will crumble, as I will personally do 30 hours on the Senate floor and in the middle of the aisle. As an “Unaffiliated” I can assert that status to all House & Senate disagreements. Unless, they believe the American people don’t care about non-partisan objective chairing the partisan out-of-control Senate and House, pre-conference, informal and formal meetings.

Most of all, since I never been in politics, I will simply just fight to “Sop the Insanity, fix the economic mess and end the free rides.”

Newsflash: Here in Colorado, the Buck n’ Bennet show solution is the Balance Budget Amendment, yeah that will work…..

Anyone hearing the same ole cartoon running over and over…

Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of the Hat?

Rocky: But that trick never works

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Charley Miller, UNAFFILIATED for the U.S. Senate in 2010 for Colorado, Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess & End the Free Rides
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