The Value of the Military?

The Value of Military Service

One wonders if our political world has shifted from the importance of and the role of military service in a political candidate today. In the past, one wonders if this was an essential component to those seeking public service. Has that changed? Or has that shifted on the political spectrum today?

It appears that when we do have candidates with military service, their records are scrutinized by their opponents and any minor defects are used to smear that candidate, such as Dem Blumenthal in Conn. and AL Greene in S. C. even when those challengers have no military service what’s so ever.

The veterans in America are a huge voting block, or are they? Will they rally to support that candidate or are they viewed as a no show at the polls.

Apparently, some are finding that the politicians who are serving today are ranking lower on the scale for even caring or knowing what the military is going through.

Is there a disconnect in Washington and on the political arena, as it regards to the military? Has the value of our services lost ground? Are they the new scapegoats for budget cutting to try to cure a economic crisis? Like other “entitlements,” such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and the things we view Americans are “entitled” to, such as a strong and healthy military and national defense.

These should be the hard questions we all need to be asking. IF we look at the 2009 Federal Budget, ,
We see that military spending is a large percentage of where our taxes go to. But, aren’t the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan going to end? So, won’t that be reduced?

Do Americans really care anymore about the military or military service?

The President for 2011 requested almost $550 Billion for the DOD base budget an increase of $15 billion, so our current administration is increasing spending not cutting it. Most of the increase is due to the escalation of costs in Afghanistan and Pakistan and added costs for the military as in services.

As General Edwards, the Adjutant General of the Colorado Guard, pointed out at a recent meeting of the South Metro Chamber of Commerce that since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan there has been an increase need for special services, family services, and other services for those returning. The toll on our soldiers in all aspects has been huge.

Historically, those veterans returning have suffered, some argue, more once returning, and in due course formed large political and advocacy groups. Is this a fact today or will it be in 2012?

I hope there can be open comments on this issue, for me its important. I know John Flerlage, Democratic candidate CD 6, was retired from the USMCR, since he attended the above meeting, I hope others will embrace and support our military and their mission, and keep them on the radar.


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