The Future of Education in the U.S.

Two things.

1. Get rid of “No Child Left Behind”

2. Minimize Education to “Illegal Immigrants” to the bare minimum doing this.

A) End all Programs that result in skipping to the head of the Line or cutting in front of everyone else, so get rid of the “DREAM ACT.” and strictly enforce current Federal laws re: Illegals

B) Require “English Only”

C) Mandate State compliance

3. Streamline the Department of Education using these five simple processes: Focusing on Reductions in these five areas:

1. Fraud

2. Waste

3. Abuses

4. Mismanagement

5. Accountibility (Full Transparency)

Apply these factors to K-12, and all upper levels.

We need to focus on other budgetary measures rather than reduction of teachers (Layoffs)

ANd most of all, we have to “WAKE UP” to the true cost of illegal immigration in America. How can a State comply with “No CHild Left Behind” when they have to wrestle with handing the “Illegal Immigration” problem in the classroom?


Unaffiliated for US Senate in Colorado
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