What Is ‘Back of the Line’ Citizenship for Unauthorized Immigrants in the U.S.?

Give me a break.

Look, I am “Illegal Immigration” worst nightmare. I grew up waking up late at night hearing my mother trying to recite the Pledge to the American flag. She insisted on learning English and was proud to be an American all the way to her death bed.

Illegal immigration is not isolated to latino’s, who believes that is living in some la-la-la dream world, just as saying there are only 10-12 million illegals in America. How many of the 9/11 terrorist were illegal? How many terrorist today are crossing our borders and living in the US under the same “welfare” system all the illegals are exploiting?

Look, its the businesses that hire them that are cheating the American worker. These businesses are breaking the laws of the US, Federal and State laws, to edge out and under-bid American companies who do business legally. They need to be stop. Our federal government and Congress can impose strict “workplace mandates,” and fine and remove business licenses and hold those who consistently violate the laws criminally. We did it with “55MPH.” This applies to the States also.

Look, I am not advocating rounding up and “concentrating” illegals in camps and putting them in boxcars,planes, trains and ships and sending them home. I am half Japanese and I know this doesn’t work. Nor do I condone that. But hear me, we have to remove all the infrastructure that is currently supporting “illegal immigration.”
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