Ben Bernanke’s Trifecta of Errors

Wait, No disrespect to either, but even if he did 400 “Hail Mary’s” he would still be wrong, look.

1. He understood that in 2008 we were in a possible deflationary spiral.

2. He understands how America responded and recovered from the 1980’s S&L crises.

3. He should known simple economics and understand what is happening on the streets of America.

SO, knowing all of this. WHy did he proceed the way he did? And lets not bring Japan’s finance minister Noda into this, whoops, i already did. Where Japan experienced a similar senerio and maintained unemployment.

First, I worked under the Office of Thrift Supervision, the RTC (Resolution Trust Corp) and was in banking for three years when 1300 financial institutions failed, I think near 200 failed. In the Depression what, 4000 failed. So, I have that perspective.

1. He failed to repeat this known successful model.

2. He embarked on destroying these known sucessful agencies, along with that Dodd-Frank (Wall St. Reform ) act.

3. He ignored restoring Glass-Steggall Act or advising for its restoration.

I could go on, but I see he is starting to “smell the coffee,” I just dunno about these guys, its OUT OF CONTROL!

“Stop the Insanity” charleymiller2010
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