Ken Buck: Inhofe Was Right, Global Warming Is The Greatest Hoax That Has Been Perpetrated’

The Buck N’ Bennet show in Colorado is a circus! I know these clowns are spending millions trashing each other on TV. Neither have a grasp on real issues as “sustainability.”

Hell, where am I? I still have my Earth Day” pin I got back in the early 1970’s. I am glad to see the Whole Earth Catalog system of sustainability come back around. I am a LEED AP, from the United States Green Building Council. But don’t get me wrong, I may hug trees but I also worked in the Nuclear industry and I realize we need to manage all of our resources.

This is a great article, but you might as well point out, that the lame duck Senator Bennet and his clown follower in that “Rubber Stamp outfit with his name on it” is just about as clueless.

Jeeeeeeez! Stop the Insanity.

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