E. Volunteers – Charley’s Angels

“We are down to the wire for this critical election so we are asking everyone to get the word out across Colorado to let them know that Charley is fighting to “Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess and to End the Free Rides.”

Stop the Insanity! Tell 10 People about me, anyway you can, Vote Charley Miller Unaffiliated for US Senate in November!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, Charley’s Angels, Feel  the joy of making history, plus gain valuable experience! LISTEN, we are growing Student, Local, Community Volunteers! Its EZ, you can do and help however you can. Let us know what you will like to do or how you can help, just email.

Please contact:  cmiller4senate@gmail.com



Volunteers, Charley’s Angels are not paid, and will not be compensated by any third parties or any other services. Also, most volunteers are providing help via the internet & exempt means. Become one of Charley’s Angels!

Special Thanks to, these people, Please visit them and Thank them, I appreciate it. Thanks.

CTS Marketing Corporation, ctsmarketingcorp.com,6500 South Quebec Street Ste. 300
Englewood CO 80111,303.350.3082 Ask for David for your PR needs or Innovative Ideas

Mortensen Tree Service, (303) 734-9320, Please checkout http://www.bign.com/markmortensen

The UPS Store, 7931 S. Broadway, Littleton Co 80122 (303) 798-3333 &

Advance Office Equipment, 3370 N. El Paso St #Q Co Springs, CO 80907 – (719) 574-6221

I have NO ENDORSEMENTS, just support, help and the strong second look, thanks. When I talked about a church, federal agency, military or any non profit 501(3) I want you to know. They do not endorse me, I don’t want any endorsement from them that would be improper, and relationship or exchange is for informational purposes only.

Paid for by charleymiller2010 and authorized by Charley Miller (Thats ME!)



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