F. Reasons to vote against Buck N’ Bennet

US Senate “Unaffiliated” CHARLEY BUCK (REP) BENNET (DEM)
Are you a Military Veteran? YES NO NO
Are the Two Parties Out of Control? Stop the Insanity? YES NO NO
Will fight on the Senate floor, in the middle of the aisle against two parties? YES NO NO
Have Banking Industry Financial Crisis experience? Fix the Economic Mess? YES NO NO
Will fight to correct and help small business hurt by the past reforms, acts? YES NO NO
Understands “Illegal Immigration” is a welfare state and will End the Free Rides? YES NO NO
Never been in Politics before, and understands you represent the people? YES NO NO
Cares for our Seniors, Medicare, Medicaid, and America’s Unemployed? YES NO NO
Knows the “little guy” because he is the “little guy” and cares about it? YES NO NO
Knows that all the REP & DEM will ever do is “Rubber Stamp” the Party line? YES NO NO
Knows that small business have to prosper to create jobs and opportunity? YES NO NO
Knows that democracy is about open debate, full discussion with the public? YES NO NO
Feels that Government needs to stay out of people’s bedrooms and belief systems? YES NO NO
Knows reducing government spending comes from focusing on fraud, abuse, waste, mismanagement and having accountability? YES NO NO
Supports the immediate implementation and restoration of the Glass-Steagall act, for real financial reforms? YES NO NO
Has LEED AP, worked in Nuclear, Knows Green & sustainability first hand? YES NO NO
Has Global & Foreign Experience? Will bring Colorado & USA to the World? YES NO NO
Has lived in the Middle East, knows Russian, Hebrew, Japanese & German? YES NO NO
Has a diverse multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural background? YES NO NO
Will fight to maintain and secure “entitlements” to US citizens? YES NO NO
Will fight to get rid of “No Child Left Behind.” & provide better education? YES NO NO
Will fight to bring our troops home, now, and end all military in Iraq & Afghanistan? YES NO NO
Understands UCMJ-PDA No Need for DADT YES NO NO
Coalition for Colorado Jobs EFCA YES NO NO



TRUE IMMIGRATION REFORMER – Unlike the Buck n’ Bennet Circus!

8/29- Radio Broadcasts and Webinars with some Youtube’s Coming “STOP THE INSANITY”

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8/27 Louisville and Longmont
Paid for by charleymiller2010 and authorized by Charley Miller (Thats ME!)


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