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What Charley stands for:

11-2-2010 – Update Link – For all those who Asked! How are you going to “Fix this Economic Mess!”

#1 – Stop the Insanity!

As an Unaffiliated Senator, I will bridge the gap between the two-parties and help them work together and not against each other. I will bring back the focus of listening to the people and not detouring issues with party politics. I don’t need a caucus, a party or a committee to stop the insanity.

Here’s my plan:

  • Assert my status as an Unaffiliated US Senator into pre-conference, informal, and formal meetings between the House and Senate to resolve disagreements
  • Fight on the Senate floor requiring strict enforcement of Senate procedures
  • Utilize both debate and filibuster to ensure full disclosure on bills & amendments
  • Discourage unanimous consent agreements and demand debate on the issues
  • Fight the issues from the “middle of the aisle”
  • My support or sponsorship of any bill, amendment, or appropriation will send a clear message that a non-partisan view and debate has occurred, I will not allow any issues to go forward with unanimous consent.

#2- Fix the Economic Mess!

Out-of-control spending, failed stimulus plans and reforms, and government bail outs has left us with trillions of dollars in debt and its destroying the creation of jobs. I will fight to provide credits and incentives, without raising taxes, for businesses to enable them to create jobs.

Here’s my plan:

  • Keep or reduce all of the current tax rates
  • Absolutely no increase in taxes
  • Cut government spending through immigration reforms

–          Restrict federal funds to states that violate federal immigration laws
–          IRS Reforms : Enforce  Tax compliance not allowing fraud or waste
–          Hold financial institutions and businesses accountable for violations
–          Strict enforcement of current immigration laws
–          No Amnesty

  • Demand accountability for all bailouts. Ask, where did all the money go?
  • Streamline regulatory roadblocks to businesses so they know what to expect
  • Support business with Small Business Administration (SBA) loans with a fast application process
  • Open up and expand credit lines for businesses or increase current caps
  • Smaller, more effective, streamlined government
  • Re-evaluate the current Health Care Bill and Wall Street Reform Act
  • Implementation of Cantwell-McCain Glass-Steagall for proper Financial Institution Reforms
  • Create national projects for infrastructure, energy transmission, and highways
  • Control waste, fraud and abuses versus limiting or reducing entitlements
  • Focus on Colorado specific funding for business, university research and co-op
  • Immediately bring home the troops safely from Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Bring profits back to USA products

#3- No More Free Rides!

I will fight to end the bailouts and the out-of- control spending. I will bring back fiscal responsibility, accountability, and demand strong illegal immigration controls.

  • No more bailouts
  • Pay back what has been bailed out
  • Control the borders
  • Prosecute using the Department of Justice, financial violators, and enforce accountability

Other Issues of Concern:

National Security

We must not allow any of our borders to be unsecured and trespassed,  including our electronic borders.  We need a strong national defense to keep America safe.

Heres my plan:

  • Protect our financial security by making the dollar strong
  • Support those democratic elected governments in Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Secure our Borders
  • Maintain a strong domestic police force


The “No Child Left Behind” program isn’t working.

Heres my plan:

  • Get rid of the “No Child Left Behind” program
  • Provide and focus on professional upgrades for  education
  • Provide training and education in Green industries
  • Allow for free choice of education

Fuel Our Energy Future

Our natural resources are huge, but limited, none the less.

Heres my plan:

  • Develop cleaner, more efficient means of using natural resources
  • Support academia, the private sector, and government sector in concert
  • New alternatives, solar, wind, and others and developed transmissions
  • Streamlined regulatory process, and fast tracked permits for natural resources
  • Enhanced funding for research & development, all sectors
  • Emphasis a clean safe, secure, reliable, efficient and renewable nuclear
  • Reduce our domestic and foreign dependence on natural resources
  • Embrace fundamentals of sustainability with environmental sensitivity

420 –  I was on the law committee for NORML in 1976 at WSU.

Health R&D –

Look, we need to stop the insanity, fix the economic mess, and end the free rides. I can do this because I’ve proven  I’m a fighter and I’ve fought through some serious hard times and won. We are there now. As an Unaffiliated U.S. Senator, I can make this happen. We can do this. Vote for me in November. The power of prayer is true, God Bless America and God Bless you.Paid for by charleymiller2010 and authorized by Charley Miller (Thats ME!)



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