I Know, I Know. Vote Anyway!

A “Silent Storm is Brewing” and you need to understand why, Stephen King wrote the Stand based in Colorado. The Unaffiliated voter in Colorado represent the core and root foundation of this current undertow.

Be warned, you don’t want to wake up Weds Nov 3rd going, “What the heck just happened!”

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Ken Buck: Inhofe Was Right, Global Warming Is The Greatest Hoax That Has Been Perpetrated’

The Buck N’ Bennet show in Colorado is a circus! I know these clowns are spending millions trashing each other on TV. Neither have a grasp on real issues as “sustainability.”

Hell, where am I? I still have my Earth Day” pin I got back in the early 1970’s. I am glad to see the Whole Earth Catalog system of sustainability come back around. I am a LEED AP, from the United States Green Building Council. But don’t get me wrong, I may hug trees but I also worked in the Nuclear industry and I realize we need to manage all of our resources.

This is a great article, but you might as well point out, that the lame duck Senator Bennet and his clown follower in that “Rubber Stamp outfit with his name on it” is just about as clueless.

Jeeeeeeez! Stop the Insanity.

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Four States Where Obama Hopes to Mobilize Early Voters

Checkout http://wp.­me/PUAuu-t Whats important to note is all of the Pollsters and Pundits are ignoring the “root Fact” that the American people are frankly pissed off! Its out-of-control and they really want the two party system to stop.

This is Insanity. When Nov 2 is over and all the millions of dollars was not enough to buy the political positions they wanted then what? Get a clue, the American people are “Firing all those in office.”


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Unaffiliated, YES, for US Senate Colorado
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Democrats Target Tea Party-Backed Candidates On Social Issues

I am running as an “Unaffiliated” in Colorado against the Buck n Bennet Show, its called a Circus. These two clowns are as goofy as it can get. One went so far right he went right of reality, and the other thinks having some dork running around him with a huge “rubber stamp with his name on it will be funny.”

Trust me, the majority of voters in Colorado are “Unaffiliated” and this crap is sooo full of BS its drawing more flies than cow diddy.


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Seniors Brace For Social Security Freeze

They bailed out the banks, auto industry, insurance companies, wall street and more and they use the seniors as political pawns.

Now you know why I am running as an “unaffiliated” in Colorado to “Stop the Insanity!”

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Most Voters Say Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

Most Voters Say Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

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Voters Turn Their Backs On Both Democrats, Republicans As Election Nears

“STOP THE INSANITY”, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

It’s why I am UNAFFILIATED, and why a massive amount of Americans across the USA are saying stop the insanity now and voting out the incumbent. When they have good options they are voting against the party lines. Thats a Fact, and this article articulates that.

We all want our 21st century politics to more about a direct democracy, where candidates speak directly to us. Toe to toe, face to face, and eye to eye on the issues keeping us up at night. Only an unaffiliated or independent can do this now. The two parties are OUT OF CONTROL.

Some of you know I am on the November ballot in Colorado. I am Unaffiliated. In Colorado we are the majority of voters. 1.2 million voters strong and the DEM & REP want to keep that a secret or at the minimum they want our votes. Not this November. They need to wake up and smell the coffee, this is the 21st century. We need better, we want better, we demand better.

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Bennet vs. Buck Debate


Thanks for a great article. It really brings out the Buck N’ Bennet show.

Like many in Colorado I had hoped to hear an answer. I am “Unaffiliated.” I have spend every day talking to 100 to 1,000 people in Colorado directly, toe to toe, face to face and eye to eye on the issues that are keeping them up at night, and frankly these two are either deaf or they are not paying attention and have not listened to what the people are saying. 99% of the 38,000 plus people I have talked two are saying two things:

One, its out-of-control, and two, how are you going to fix the economic mess. Well, Buck n’ ‘ Bennet failed again to answer those questions.

One, they can’t “Stop the insanity” because they are part of it. All they can hope for is to sit along party lines and vote the party platform. They don’t represent the “little guy” and no matter how many photo shots they take in rural settings with rolled-up sleeves they still can not see past their privilege, rank, office and political history.

Two, they have no idea and little clue on how to fix the economic mess. The Buck n’ Bennet solutions amount to shallow no substance political rhetoric. They don’t get it. They can’t even say they will be “fighting” for the people of Colorado or for the USA. This is not a choice for any voter.
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Fourmile Canyon Fire in the Rearview Mirror

My prayers goes out to all the families, friends, community, service people, and all those who lost more than we know. We honor our firefighters, law enforcement, agencies and all those who pitched in to help.

Twitter: Fourmile Heroes Firefighter Parade this Sunday at 2:00 RSVP here and invite your friends #boulderfire @fourmileheroes http://ow.ly/2DtBm

godspeed and godbless, the power of prayer is true, God Bless you.

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Balance Budget without these TAX INCREASES

List of the major tax increases coming in 2011:

Increased Income Tax Rates

•   Very poor and very rich gets 5% tax increase.

Almost Everyone else gets a 3% tax increase.

Return of the Death Tax—At 55 Percent
•    Have $1million(including home) will be taxed at a rate of 55%.

Increased Capital Gains Taxes—To 20 Percent
•     The capital gains tax will rise from 15% to 20%.

Increased Dividends Tax –To 39.6 Percent
•    The dividend tax will rise from 15% to 39.6%.

Increased Energy Taxes
•    Increased energy taxes.

Increased Health Care Taxes
•    “The Medicine Cabinet Tax”: Increase medical type taxes.

•    “Brand Name Drug Tax”: Increase drug tax.

Increasing in a load of taxes and fee relating to all the bailouts, plans and reforms.

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