G. Campaign Trail

Campaign Trail : Riding an Campaign into the 21st Century, 50,000!

(All photos RTD Denver, please contact me if not Public Domain thanks)

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”—Franklin D. Roosevelt

OCTOBER – 23 –

Zombie Crawl – 16th Street Mall, agree with thousands of the “Walking Dead” the Buck n’ Bennet is DOA! You Live Again! http://wp.me/PUAuu-t

60,000+ Direct Personal Contacts now, well, a few thousand were the “Walking Dead!” Thanks to all who greeted and cheered me on! 5pm-ish to 8pm-ish!

We are down to the wire for this critical election so we are urging everyone to get the word out across Colorado to let you know that Charley is fighting to “Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess and to End the Free Rides.”

Sept 1- Sept 30th –

http://video.cpt12.org/video/1603037831/ Colorado Decides. PBS Channel 12 Denver

SHOUTOUT SEPTEMBER The whole month of September (Sept 28th – 45,000) Race to 50k – Direct Democracy

Thats me, read my twitter/charleym2010,

Download or participate on my radio talk show.  STOP THE INSANITY Radio Show on #BlogTalkRadio – http://tobtr.com/s/1253713 Understanding 9-11 One Hour Special Perspective by charleymiller2010
Listen to internet radio with Charleymiller2010 on Blog Talk Radio

September 28

45,000 People –

Sept 19-25th

43,000 People, most importantly, after Monday 27th, You should be able to see me on PBS, Channel 12, Denver, “Colorado Decides.” http://video.cpt12.org/program/1555838101/viewmode/grid

Sept 12-17th

37,000 people and counting, Please tell everyone you know about me. Tweet charleym2010 or goggle charleymiller2010 get the word out. Support me. Thanks!

Sept 6-11th

Local Outreach, now at over 36,000 toe to toe, face to face, and eye to eye on the issues. Yes, its great seeing you all over and having you recognize me personally. So, you all know, when I say “I will fight for you” I mean it.

Sept 5th

Five Points – Music Festival. Thanks all, esp. “SOUL FOOD” check them out! Fine Catfish, Pork Chops and Fried Chicken! I enjoyed it. thanks!

The Taste of Denver – wow, what 50+ thousand people? Thanks to the 5k, I got to spend time with, talking, meeting and hearing about the real issues!

Sept 4th.

Colorado Springs Balloon Festival

Nice to meet thousands of people enjoying the Balloon’s. Best part was going , 5…4..3…2…1   “fire” and watching all the pilots fire up those balloons at night. Thanks all! 

Aug 7 -26

Race to Twenty Thousand :

The goal is to do a direct democracy, toe-to-toe, face-to-face, eye-to-eye on the issues keeping you up at night with Twenty thousand people. (16,546)

Here’s the script:

“Hi, I ‘m Charley Miller, I never ran for politics before. For me thats a good thing, so stop me at any time and tell me if I am wrong about what I am saying. Its out of control. The two party system is a mess, both democrats and republicans are totally  out of touch with you, me, and the American public. Am I right? The economy is a mess.”  ……. and on … and on…

I generally ask them what party they are in, I explain what “unaffiliated” is, that I am “Unaffiliated”, not connected with any party, movement, but I hold those conservative values we all hold and those liberal ideas we embrace> I do engage politically on their issues and explain and illustrate how I will “Stop the Insanity, Fix the economic Mess, and End the Free Rides.”

Most agree, the Buck N’ Bennet show is not the answer.

SO, far:

32% Republician – Say they will check me out or may vote for me, 12% say they won’t vote for me

29% Democrats – Say they will check me out or may vote for me, 10% said they won’t for me

39% Unaffiliated   – Almost everyone say they will vote for me

Help me spread the word, the word of mouth is powerful, lets STOP THE INSANITY, Fix the Economic Mess and End the Free Rides, and in the process Save the USA. We all love Colorado!

Most agree, the Buck N’ Bennet show is not the answer.

Aug 6th, 2010

Joesph Muley Interview Tennessee

The Altered States of Munley
Ruminations of an Aspiring Writer…
« So… A-Rod, Mark Cuban, and Shaq Walk Into A…
“Stop The Insanity!”

“I have stood face to face, toe to toe, and eye to eye with over ten thousand people. It seems amazing. So I feel the pulse of Colorado, and trust me it’s beating strong and hot, regardless of parties.” ~ Charley Miller, Unaffiliated for U.S. Senate

There are more than one million unaffiliated voters in Colorado, and there is one man who feels strongly that these voices have the ultimate power to stop the insanity that has become Colorado politics. You’ve probably never heard of him, and Democrats and Republicans alike would like to keep it that way. So, if you are one of the 1,109,124 unaffiliated voters in Colorado… Pull up a chair, and meet Charley Miller.

JM – It seems, from the outside looking in, that the problem with the two party system is that the Democrats and Republicans spend more time arguing with each other than they do working for the citizens they’ve been elected to represent. With that being said, how do you plan on working with both parties to ‘bridge the gap’, as you say?

Charley Miller – As an unaffiliated Senator, I will bridge the gap between the Democrats and Republicans by helping them work together instead of against each other. I will shift the focus back to listening to the people, and not detouring around the issues with the same old party politics, or rubber-stamping.

Here is my plan… I will assert my status as an unaffiliated U.S. Senator into pre-conference, informal, and formal meetings between the House and Senate to resolve disagreements.

I will fight on the Senate floor, and require strict enforcement of Senate procedures.

I will utilize both debate and filibuster tactics to ensure full disclosure on bills and amendments.

And, of course, I will fight for the issues from the ‘middle of the aisle’.
JM – And, what exactly do you mean when you say, ‘rubber-stamping’?

CM – Rubber-stamping, to me, is this… It’s voting the party line the majority of the time instead of voting for what your constituents want and need. For example, Senator Bennet has voted over 90% of the time with the democratic leadership, and the times he didn’t were on minor table motions and other unimportant issues.
JM – You have a unique view on the economic crisis the whole country is going through. Tell me about your background in the financial industry.

CM – In the late 1980′s I went to work in the banking industry during the savings and loan crisis. This was a time when thousands of Americans lost their jobs, the real estate market crashed, and 1,300 banks failed. I’m proud of the fact that the government did not bail them out. This was before ‘government bailouts’, and banks were not considered too big to fail. For three years straight I worked on resolving the savings and loan crisis.
JM – So, how would have done things differently in regards to the massive bailouts? Do you think they were necessary?

CM – I would have demanded that the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), and the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) immediately close down those institutions and deal directly with all the toxic financial paper, assests, and negotiable instruments. No, I do not believe the bailouts were necessary. Apparently, they amounted to being just blank checks for company bonuses, and who knows what else.
JM – What kinds of tax credits and incentives do you think could be implemented to help small businesses in Colorado?

CM – First of all, I’d oppose any new taxes. Secondly, I believe we need to create credits to help pay for the insurance premiums that President Obama’s healthcare bill has imposed. In addition, I would support opening up more Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, increasing the caps and maximums, and increasing the availability of lines of credit for small businesses.
JM – You have said that you would like to see the government ‘stop crushing the little guy’. What do you mean by this?

CM – I have talked to thousands upon thousands of people, and a lot of them were small business owners who have failed, or are about to fail, because they are being ignored. They are the ‘little guy’, and there is no belief by them that either party understands, or even cares, that they are destroying small businesses and America.
JM – Healthcare is an issue that is very complicated, and we’ve all heard politicians go on for hours about the best way to improve it. Can you give a blunt, to-the-point answer on what you’d like to see on the healthcare front?

CM – Get rid of Obama-care, period. It’s simply not working. The real problem is fraud, waste, and mismanagement. We have a system that is still lagging behind the rest of the world. For example, we can save billions just by switching to Electronic Medical Records, standardized barcoding, and by ICD-10 increasing the code groups for billing. However, let’s not forget… it’s not about entitlements, it’s about fraud, waste, and mismanagement.
JM – Other states, such as Arizona, have gotten a lot of attention lately in regards to illegal immigration. What are your thoughts on how the U.S. borders are currently secured and protected?

CM – My thought is that they are not currently secured or protected. Arizona, like many border states, has problems with cost containment dealing with non-residents of the state. This is not just an Arizona issue. Every state in the U.S. has these same budgetary problems in paying for non-residents.

As for security, our Northern borders are just as unsecured, and unprotected. We simply cannot monitor who crosses in… They could be terrorists.
JM – So, would you say there should be just as much concern in regards to possible terrorist threats as there is for illegal immigration?

CM – Yes, functionally the mechanism which allows an illegal non-resident to cross into the United States, and to stay here under the radar is the same. We have just started securing the normal access points to the U.S., but like Israel we may be attacked from within… Those lessons will be painful to learn.
JM – Elaborate on the steps you would like to see taken in regards to illegal immigration.

CM – I would like to cut government spending through immigration reforms. We should restrict federal funds to states that violate federal immigration laws, and there should be stricter enforcement of these laws. There should also be IRS reforms, such as enforcing tax compliance and refusing to allow fraud or waste. Financial institutions and businesses should be held accountable for violations of immigration laws, and there should be no amnesty.
JM – The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been going on for far too long. It’s common sense that the U.S. cannot simply pull up stakes and withdraw from the Middle East tomorrow, but what kind of time frame would you like to see in regards to the troops coming home for good?

CM – Well, I disagree. For example, how fast did we leave Saigon? We can support those democratic-elected governments without our troops occupying those countries.
JM – I have a strong belief that, if the U.S. were to flee into the night, the world would wake up to graphic images of uprising on the news the next morning. Do you really think they are stable enough to take over full control?

CM – We can, and will, continue to support the democratically elected government in Afghanistan, but they are fighters. For us, the enemy is the Taliban. Right now, we have to fully support the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari. Pakistan is the key, and we must seize this moment to help them when they need it the most. Floods have ravaged their country, and we must help now.

As for Afghanistan, yes we can continue to support them without troops, and still take the fight to the Taliban.
JM – Let’s finish off with education. This is always a lightening rod issue. Do you feel like the children of Colorado, and of the entire U.S., are being let down?

CM – The “No Child Left Behind” program is not working. It has to go. Direct and specific funding should be provided for things that work, like Advanced Placement in public schools. Colleges for all ages and professions should be more affordable. There should be an emphasis on developing areas and skills that we require to be sustainable. We must, again, open up trade schools, vocational schools, and other specialized schools in order to provide a skilled workforce for the future.
JM – What would you like to see done with the program?

CM – I would fight to get rid of the “No Child Left Behind” program.


July 31, 2010

Nice to meet all the families at Civic Green park, Highlands Ranch, thanks I appreciate all your personal support, and yes, we can fix the economic mess!

Special Thanks to ARMY MSGT MONTOYA VFW Post #4171, Golden, and All the people I met, especially the vets and their families! Congratulations on the Wedding also, what a pleasure meeting you all, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

I wish I could thank all the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, its a God Send that we have established democracy in those foreign lands, and I know in my heart our troops will make it safely home. Meeting the enemy full strength, working across many foreign parties and factions to build the trust we needed and bringing the fight directly to the enemy was what was needed, with supporting their nations to protect themselves and to continue the fight for establishing a government without fear,  we won that battle. I am proud for all your service, my heart is full, and I know I will bring our fight to the floor of the Senate to fix this mess we face today.

July 30th, 2010

Rockies sets history,  12 runs in 8th inning, against the Chicago Cubs, final 17-2, Coors Field. Never underestimate an underdog, its only a matter of your perception. I believe in the Rockies, I am glad they proved they can adjust and win, by a landslide, nice. Was nice to meet you all.

July 25th, Winter Park Jazz Festival

I grew up with Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Grover Washington Jr, as my mother was a concert pianist, I was early into appreciating music. It was great to meet a great group from Denver, and the local mountain area. A few thousand people later, I had to leave to run down the hill. Nice to get Dino’s pizza love an east-coast pie. Great tunes to boot.

July 24th, 105th Calhan El Paso County Fair What’s most important to me when I am talking face-to-face, toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye with people is to fully engage and involve the children. For me, its about them. They actually understand what an Unaffiliated really is about, it amazes me, when a 10 year old tells me that the two party system is broken like his bike and that he likes the idea of an unaffiliated. And its not only the children,  I was watching the children in the main pavilion with their prized dairy cows, I sat next to an elderly woman, we got to talking. I mentioned to her I was Unaffiliated, she said she was too and had not voted for awhile, but was now going to make sure she was for me in November.

I didn’t think much about it, until I drove out of town, only two signs and one must have been her family, her husband, thank you Mrs Yoder. You bet, the Unaffiliated has someone on the November ballot its me.

July 23rd Morrison, Budweiser Race Classic (Down the Hill) I never ran for political public office before, I did start up some grassroots neighborhood groups and I discovered what works at getting around people’s political, ethical, racial, class and societal views in working  on a specific issue that everyone says can’t and won’t get done, one that people with millions of $$$ who are fighting you, against you with a city in their (perceived) pockets.

I stepped off that curb , looked both ways and started across the street, once there I showed everyone else how to do it, no fear, no problems, and we all got the job done. Everyone in the mountains knows this simple concept, there’s a million people telling you, you can’t do it, and they won’t, but until you do, it will never get done. Thanks Shawn, thank your family in Morrison, you know this. Thanks Greeley, for being an Union Colony.

July 19th – July 23rd – Broke the 10,000 person Grassroots face to face 60 days My business cards are ok, I really didn’t have any money to spend on the bells and whistles the others are spending, trying to buy the US Senate. Instead, I have a real grassroots effort, on the back it simply asks you to help if you can. I know its not as flashy as a TV slam commercial or some hot radio spot or a full page in the Denver Post, but its all I got now. I didn’t invent the Internet but I can use it, so Just Google, charleymiller2010.

This week I broke 10,000 face to face, toe to toe, eye to eye meetings at the most personal grassroots level one can be at to discuss the real issues, those that are keep you up at night.

July 18th, Hacienda Colorado Restaurant, For me, small businesses is what Colorado and America is all about. My very first memories of working was sticking my hands in the soil, picking fruit or vegetables on a farm during the summer when I was out of school and only ten maybe. Its hard to judge age or work when you are young, but I know my father and his family knew what hard work was living through the Great Depression and not leaving the Dust Bowl like many families had too.

As a paper-boy I had to manage things well for my paper route, you know collecting and all. I know this may sound like a simple vision of things but all of our small businesses are  struggling and my thoughts is helping small business would be helping not only Colorado but America. Instead, I know you all heard this over and over, we seem to be bailing out big business. For me, thats got to stop.

July 17th, I was up in Crested Butte and I began to worry. Was the message I believed in, being felt by the rest of Colorado and the Nation. Were they feeling, hearing the same message in their hearts. Was I the only one worrying about the broken down bike, I call the two-party system? What legacy will we be leaving our children? Where were those fundamental values, the ones I grew up with?  Does America care?

When I was younger, I am sure many of you can remember this, America was about big Chevy trucks, automobiles being made in the USA, Harley motorcycles, Coca Cola, Marlboro  cigarettes, and small American towns where you could still smell mom’s apple pie. For many of us, we felt secure that a two-party system could represent our traditional values and beliefs and most of all would represent our state and our nation.

Our military and those who served here and abroad would be respected and honored, just as we would respect our firemen, doctors, ministers, police officers, teachers and yes, even our politicians. Where did it all go wrong? For me, and the main reason I am running. I am not a politician, is the honest belief that the two-party system has run of control. I stand here to correct this, I am “Unaffiliated,” not a vote that will be wasted, or given to the other party or in protest, it is a vote of real change.

July 16th, Some politicians attempt to argue that Washington is like some big casino, why I don’t know. The reality is the federal government is one of this nation’s largest employers.  I agree, a 13 trillion plus dollar deficit is gambling our children’s future away, but its not like a casino at all. Its about a broken two-party system. In a casino, the house always wins, and so does the state, tearing down a casino is not the way to stop gambling, just like in Washington, we have an investment in our government, love it or leave it.

Colorado has casino’s and so does Nevada, the real problem is when our broken down two-party system doesn’t recognize that they are at fault for creating this mess, not our system of government.  Here’s a bet I will always win, and I want you to seriously consider this wager, and the reality I am about to share with you, you know it.

Anyone, from either party, Republican or Democrat will vote 90% or more on the party line regardless of what the people of Colorado want, you can bank on that. I, however, will not, I am “Unaffiliated,” and that my friends is the Royal Flush for the State of Colorado. You see a vote for me makes Colorado’s Unaffiliated for US Senate, not only politically powerful, but one who wields that power, without the need, direction or command of a party, and with the ability to hold that vote not only for the people of Colorado but for the country itself. Its a winner, not a gamble, and certainly not the same old thing.

July 14th&15th Well, for two days I was able to meet alot of people at the civic park in Highlands Ranch. There was an ice cream social and the Jazz on the Greens. As always I not only make sure I meet everyone face-to-face, toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye, but I always love to just say thanks not only to America’s bravest but to out finest, and let them know, I support them and their unions. Many of us, believe Washington has gone to the dogs. There are some who have flatly just given up. They would rather not vote. The two-party system seems deadlocked to continue to cycle again this year, 2010, but all I want you’ll to know is its really about our children, their future.  Just ask them, listen, hear their voices, as they say, “please vote unaffiliated, the two-party system is not working.”

July 13th, 2010 Unlike  Mayor Hinkenlooper, I don’t have a little white scooter to twiddle around town, instead I am scooting along the Light Rail. I seriously doubt that you would ever see the others, who are attempting to buy their way into the Colorado US Senate seat, riding a RTD bus or the light rail.  If you do they will be sitting in something that is old and broken down, corrupt and out of control.   They can fix up an old broken train, just like a broken bike. They can  get it running, paint it bright yellow and even change the “Choo Choo” train name and call it their “light rail.” That’s kinda what the other four, Norton, Bennett, Buck and Romanoff, would be riding, since they are tied to that broken down two-party system, that old “Yellow Choo Choo Train.”

NEWSFLASH, Wake up, smell the coffee, this is the 21st century, no amount of money, those millions of dollars you are spending to combine with your false saying otherwise, is gonna change that fact. That train is going the wrong way down the tracks. You won’t be able to fool the people of Colorado, no matter how much you spend on TV ads, Newspaper ads or whatever, saying you are different, that you are heading in the right direction. Hogwash, your not, and they all know it. Your part of the problem not the solution and you just don’t get it, so I will just move on, onward with everyone else in Colorado and this nation propelling all of us into the 21st Century!!!

I embrace the new under-swell of American politics, that which will be our 21st century. I recognize that the majority of Colorado sees and feels the future under their feet, growing propelling them upwards, like the seventh wave in the ocean. You, four politicians need to throw your crap away, its not working, its out of control, corrupt and frankly needs to be out-dated and stored in some “Choo Choo” train museum, period. Simply put, all the votes for me, Charley Miller, are votes for the future, for Colorado and for our Nation, and that is something you can’t deliver, you don’t realize or you don’t have the common sense to see.

In November, there’ll be two millionaires on the ballot one with REP and one with DEM besides their names, and below that there will be me, Charley Miller ,  Unaffiliated, not a Millionaire. I got up, wanted to get a ton of donuts and hit the light rail at Mineral Station running at 6:00am in the morning. Whoops, I realized I didn’t have any money to do that. Plus have you ever seen that station between 6:30 and 8:00 am? Like I want to push into all those people going to work, nope, on second thought I waited. The sun was gonna be hot, today.

Around 9:00, I boarded the Train D heading into downtown Denver. I was able to meet everyone on the first car, jump to the next and so on and so on into town. Once at Colfax, again, I stayed on to ride the train to my favorite place, Five Points, at the end of the rail-line. When I was young I lived in an area very similar to Globevile or Derby, then I moved to another part of town, which reminds me of Five Points. Like Lincoln Heights, where I grew up, all the homes were 1920 bungalows. There was a grassy parkway where we played baseball or football. One of my friends was Korean and Black (term used, not Afro-American or African American).

His father had a retired army buddy and they all used to play “Tonk” and dominoes. Mr. Robert Moore would let me play, but I stop since learning was costing me my lawn-mowing and paper-boy money. This was not fun to me. Instead, I would go out with everyone else and we would catch the football with his son Bobby. Bobby would be our inspiration, since he would go on to be on of the Minnesota Vikings best receivers ever, he was part of the “Miracle throw and catch.” he changed his name to Ahmad Rashad, he currently is the executive director of ABC’s NFL:INSIDE STUFF, I miss his father, my prayers goes out to him.

McKinley Avenue, used to be called Bismark, it was historically German and other immigrants, like Five Points, it had a few shops and a few neighborhood bars. In Five Points,  I was walking around talking to everyone I met, I noticed there are way to many boarded up buildings and houses for my like. Lets not talk about Detroit, please. This speaks to a larger problem in America, one that hurts me to my very bone, “affordable housing,” and the lack of, but lets get back  to my trip. I met a young black man, he had on a black silk nylon stocking cap that covered his head, which reminded me when all my friends would wear plastic shower caps to protect their “Jerry Curl.” Well, anyway in those days I had to wear those coke-bottled Clark Kent glasses so I really don’t have much to talk about. He was kinda shocked, as I approached him, but like everyone else I took the time to stop and ask him how he was doing and introduced myself. I asked what his number one issue was. He said he was only 20, and he was about to get his physical, he was joining the Army. I asked if he had any family, he said he wasn’t married, but he had a lot of folk around. I congratulated him on joining the service to serve his country, I told him how proud I was and how I knew all his family and community was also. I said, you know I was in the service, you might be older than most going in, you should step up to the plate, be a leader, if asked, you can do that. Those moments our conversation makes me proud, it was good. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Five Points or anywhere else, riding on the light rail, it just affirms and allows me to again see, feel and know that the pulse of Denver, Colorado and our nation is the same,  raging hot and beating fast.

I have to add, that I met 100 or so members from the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church. They were protesting at the Federal courthouse, along with a group called “A Just Cause.” As myself they had a serious issue at heart, a Pastor’s daughter got jail time for “perjury” as a witness, a Martha Stewart moment I assume. I am not a lawyer, and I don’t know the case, but its sad, but if no one takes a stand, stands up, nothing will change. Thanks to all who I saw and share time with. We stood face-to-face, you know me now, more that you will ever know the others who are stuck in the 20th century means of politics, trying to buy their way in. (All photos above are from RTD, Denver, please advise me if not Public Domain, thanks)

July 12th, 2010 Submitted “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2010”, various Aspen Papers, College Rags and to top it off, in tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, The Rolling Stone Magazine. “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, 2010”* “I don’t give a rat’s ass about the American public, I’ll do what I want, I am right, and don’t forget it.” We wonder, don’t we what can happen if we didn’t wake up from that nightmare, the dream that lingered in our minds, as our sleepy eyes from Friday night were left hanging somewhere, not to be found this wet cold Colorado Saturday morning. I shook it off, I didn’t care, I was still just dam sleepy from staying awake all night thinking about the call I got the day before. “You will be on the November ballot for the office of the U.S. Senate…,” echoing in my head, it was from the Secretary of the State’s office, left on my phone, my thought was starting to become clear. Where is my morning coffee? I don’t smoke anymore, I quit, I never could imagine myself with some long Marlene Dietrich cigarette holder, a floppy hat and those don’t “be afraid to wear those cheap sunglasses.” No, this was 2010, the US Senate was out. On that moment I reflect and mutter, simply because it’s the great moments to use the word, “Audacity.” The audacity of the US Senate bailing on the American unemployed, flying out of Washington on Wednesday and Thursday to beat the Friday holiday traffic, only to take a week vacation, home, what jerks. I wanted to think how it was, flying out on your private jets, sitting in the plush lounge chairs, as some tight skirted twenty something year old with the classic major plastic pumped up breasts, armed with Botox and the such was mixing you drinks, one after another. Where is there justice in that? My political mind fell into twisted memories of this and that Senator stumbling from a plane, but that’s not how it is, is it? Back to Aspen, heading up the hill, who will even care. I never really understood why someone from Enron would choose Aspen to spend his last moments on earth. I guess I had to be there, as if anyone had a real choice. So, I can just imagine, filling up the white shark, that’s what I call my 1964 white coup-de-vile, large great white shark. What terror must fall into the eyes of those flatlanders as I scream up the hill. Brakes? Dam you, why the hell are you using your brakes, its uphill, as I loom inches behind them, then moving back to the slower right lanes to pass these going up 1-70 under 65’ers in the left hand lane. Don’t ask, I won’t tell, taking the trip down, no brakes to Golden using only a few gallons of gas, man that’s the way to go to Aspen. It’s not about the fear and loathing on the campaign trail, anymore for me. I got out; sun burned my skin on those dog days of June when all you could think of was dam snow the week before. I had enough I was on the ballot. Somehow, I made it to one part of this road-trip, and now I was heading to Aspen, just to remember someone who had passed. Someone who would point out to America, how bizarre, corrupt, and plainly vile, American politics, was, were, and would be, and most of all, that “We are all equal in the ocean.” God Speed, HST, the power of prayer is true, God Bless America and God Bless you. *Hunter S. Thompson, blew out his brains in 2005, for what reason I don’t know. He was a long time resident and local personality in Woody Creek, might as well say, Aspen, Colorado. I respect the man for what he accomplished, stood for and fundamentally what he cared about, a Free America. I read and remember, Hells Angels, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the Curse of Lono, and who can ever forget Bill Murry in “Where the Buffalos Roam.”

REMEMBER! A Vote for me is NOT! A vote that is wasted, or a vote for the other party or even a protest vote, its a vote to really change America, this nation and Colorado!

Charley Miller approves this message about America, USA, the Important Political Speeches and Rights for jobs  money loans grants arra Charleymiller2010 unaffiliated us senate Colorado election democrat republican politics President Obama congress wall street economy jobs Not endorsements 501 (3) or any churches, religious institutions or federal agencies included all the military branches or services, this is for informational purposes only, I am not a lawyer or financial advisor or a medical doctor please consult an expert in those matters. Financial support is welcome compliance with federal election campaign reform acts rules

Paid for by charleymiller2010 and authorized by Charley Miller (Thats ME!)



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