A. About Charley Miller

About Me!

I grew up in a military family.  After the Korean war, my father met and married my mother in Japan.  I’m proud that my mother gained her American citizenship by naturalizing.  I used to wake up at night hearing my mom reciting “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.”  Like my father, I enlisted and served 6 years in the Air Force and I am proud of having served my country.

In the late 1980’s, I went to work in the banking industry during the savings and loan crisis.  This was a time when thousands of Americans lost their jobs, the real estate market crashed, and 1300 banks  failed.  I’m proud of the fact that the government did not bail them out. This was before “government bail outs.” Banks weren’t considered too big to fail.  For 3 years, I worked from start to finish on resolving the S&L crisis.

However, all this changed in 1991.  I was involved in a near death accident, and by the grace of God, I didn’t die.  I was in a coma and suffered a severe brain injury. I couldn’t speak, read, or walk, or do the simple day-to-day tasks I did before.  The doctors said I would NEVER be able to learn anything, or do simple tasks and certainly, not be able to go to school.

Each and every day for 5 year, I struggled with severe headaches, irritability, anger and stress. We call this PTSD. This was due to the fact that I was physically unable to do even simple things like many of those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Folks, I was only in my 30’s when this happened.  Life would no longer be the same for me.

But I’m a fighter.  I wasn’t willing to accept defeat. Instead, I fought and did what everyone else considered impossible.  Every day I worked on re-learning how to do these simple tasks and hoping each day for any small improvements.  I didn’t give up.  My doctors say it was a miracle because they believed that it was impossible to retrain my brain and ever recover from an injury like this.  I didn’t!

Since the accident, I completed 2 Bachelor’s degrees in Arizona and moved to Colorado to attend the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley where I completed a Masters in History.  And, recently completed my Law Degree at DU Law school.  But I’m not a lawyer  And, I also recently received my Leed AP which is about green sustainable building.  While in school, I started several small start up businesses and recently created a non-profit 501(3)c, committed to sustainability and green ideas.

Hard to imagine that less than 20 years ago, I couldn’t do the 3 R’s (reading writing & arithmetic).  But I did it! I’ve come a long way.

My political background is limited to just one neighborhood advocacy group I started in Greeley. I successfully defeated a perceived “good-ole boy” network where I brought Democrats and Republicans together in a non-partisan effort to fix a community issue that people said was impossible to defeat.

I know for a fact, from my own personal experience, that we can do what people might call impossible.  With my strong faith in God, perseverance and fighting against all odds, I won.  I stand here as proof of that. The power of prayer is true, God Bless America, and God Bless you.

So, now I’d like to tell you why I’m running for the U.S. Senate and why I’m Unaffiliated.

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