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“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) – James Stewart – Frank Capra ”

KDVR TV Colorado – Larry Mendte Political Views – “WHY UNAFFILIATED?”

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NCO – Six Years In Air Force & National Guard, and I am proud of my service and the country we all fight to protect. This is why I know I will fight for you, for Colorado, & USA.

Charley Miller approves this message about America, USA, the Important Political Speeches and Rights for jobs money loans grants arra Charleymiller2010 unaffiliated us senate Colorado election democrat republican politics President Obama congress wall street economy jobs Not endorsements 501 (3) or any churches, religious institutions or federal agencies included all the military branches or services, this is for informational purposes only, I am not a lawyer or financial advisor or a medical doctor please consult an expert in those matters. Financial support is welcome compliance with federal election campaign reform acts rules

My Grandfather with my Mother and my Older sister, taken at Camp Pendleton, CA USMC Base.

My Grandmother, Dad, Uncle and Cousin. They never left the dustbowl. They fought like most Americans, with values, traditions and faith in God.

My Grandfather (Oil Well Driller, part Native American), with my Grandmother and my father, surviving the Great Depression.  This is my “American Gothic.”

I have fought alot of hard battles. I will WIN against this 800lb Gorilla!

Paid for by charleymiller2010 and authorized by Charley Miller (Thats ME!)

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