B. Why I am Running

Why I’m Running for the U.S. Senate and Why I’m Unaffiliated

In the past election, I’ve voted Republican thinking that they would “fix” what was wrong. For most of my life, I was a registered Democrat because I liked how the Democrats supported social issues like; our communities, our seniors, our schools, our children and the environment.

I voted for Bill Clinton because he was about “change” and he did what he said he was going to do. He balanced the budget. I didn’t vote for Obama although he also said he was about “change.” But there was something seriously wrong about his message. For me, he was speaking about huge social changes. When I felt, even in 2008, a looming financial crisis was at hand. So, I voted for more fiscal responsibility and voted Republican.

I’ve always supported traditional values that are deeply rooted in the Constitution, such as state’s rights, fiscal responsibility, national security, smaller government and lower taxes. However, I supported social issues that really matter, I cared about the “little guy,” and I did not support cutting entitlements.

I changed my voter registration to “Unaffliated” because I saw the two-parties going out-of-control and the economy was spiraling into an economic downturn. President Bush created Tarp I. Then President Obama created Tarp II, and he proceeded on a path of creating a wide series of Bailouts, Stimulus plans, and other reforms, such as Health Care and Wall Street reforms.

For me, this is absolute “insanity” and has thrown our nation into trillions of dollars of debt. Party politics was becoming intensified and the two parties were bickering and in gridlock. Like the people of Colorado, I felt I was being ignored by both parties. It seemed they were only listening to their party leadership and using everything as a political pawn like in some insane game of chess. Who was listening to the “little guy”, like me?

I knew that electing another Republican or Democrat would continue the same old game which was insane. So, I went out and wanted to see if people felt like I did. I talked to thousands and thousands of people all over the state from both parties. I asked them what was keeping them up at night and they all said the same thing; someone needed to “Stop the Insanity!”*

I realized that because I was Unaffiliated, that I was the one to take on this battle. It may seem impossible, but someone has to fight for the “little guy”. I’m a fighter and I’m not afraid of what may seem to be impossible. I know I can “Stop the Insanity!”, “Fix the Economic Mess!,” and “End the Free Rides!” That’s why I’m running for the U.S. Senate!

Let me show you how I am going to do that!

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